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PeaceJam Northeast Annual Conference Info!

Barry Felson has contacted us with the registration information for 2008 PeaceJam Northeast Conference.  Here's the message from him:

Online registration is now open for our 2008 PeaceJam Northeast Youth Conference on April 5-6 at Elms College. We're looking forward to having around 300 youth from around the Northeast join Jody Williams for an amazing weekend experience.

Here's how registration works. Have everyone (youth and advisors) go to, where you'll find information on the conference, including a downloadable conference schedule. There's a link to a conference registration page, which has further information and instructions, along with a link to the registration site (I know lots of links, but it's information that most will want to review before registering). 

The registration site has a common home page, with buttons for youth and advisor registration. After filling in the information, you will then be given a file to download and open with MSWord, which will have forms with all of the information you entered. You will need to complete some further information (medical history that we didn't feel comfortable asking for online), and sign and date the forms. Youth under the age of 18 will also need to have a parent/guardian sign and date the forms.

In order to ensure that we can place our order for t-shirts and other conference giveaways on time, we are asking that everyone sign up online by Friday, March 7th, if at all possible. We can't guarantee space for those who register online after March 7th, but will accommodate them if we have room.

We are also asking that the youth give the forms to you by March 10th. On March 10th, we will email you with a list of youth from your group who have registered, so that you can follow up with them.

On March 11th, please bundle the completed registration forms and mail them in to the PeaceJam Northeast Conference Coordinator

Also, if at all possible, we are asking that each group submit one check for the total fees for your group, made payable to NextGen Leaders Inc.

 I have reserved rooms at Super 8 in West Springfield, MA at the $52/night/room before tax fee, so we are ensured of the best hotel rate available.