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Branford High School is located in and serves the Town of Branford. The town is located near the center of Connecticut's Long Island shoreline, within New Haven County, Branford is approximately 8 miles east of New Haven.

Branford has a population of 28,066 citizens living in 12,410  households. The racial profile of Branford is primarily made up of people who self-identify as white comprising 27,719 citizens. The two largest minority groups are Asian Pacific and Hispanic represented by 1,180 and 1,467 citizens, respectively. The African American community is comprised of 335 citizens, and those that identify as "other/multi-race" makeup 797 individuals.

The median family income is $71,058, with a poverty rate of 7.7% and an unemployment rate of 5.7%. The labor force in Branford is 15,739, of which 92.3% are employed. These  individuals are mainly employed in the areas of construction, manufacturing, retail trade, health care and social assistance, accommodation and food services, and government.

In addition to Branford High School (grades 9-12) with a population of 1,050, Francis Walsh Intermediate School (5-8) has 942 students, and the three elementary schools, Mary R. Tisko, John B. Sliney and Mary T. Murphy have 400, 374, and 420 students. There is one pre-kindergarten school, the Indian Neck School, with 36 students. This gives the Branford School District a total enrollment of 3,222 students. There are two private schools located in Branford, St. Mary School (PK-8) and Shoreline School of Montessori (PK-KG).

The total expenditure per student in the Branford School District is $15,989, slightly higher than the state average of $15,389. The town's total annual revenue is $94,417,926 with $81,430,414 raised as tax revenue. The majority of the town annual expenditures are for Education at $52,066,037 or 64% of local taxation.

Branford High School has a total enrollment of 1,050 students divided between 513 males and 537 females. The high school's population has remained stable over the past five years, however, the district's total enrollment of 3,222 students has decreased by 5% over the last five years. The diversity score for the school is .37, which is lower than the state average of .61. The ethnic, racial and cultural composition is as follows: 7.9% (83) Asian students, 3.5% (37) African American students, and 8.0% (84) Hispanic students during the 2013-2014 school year. For the 2013-2014 school year the two-year dropout rate was 3.79%, whereas the graduation rate was 91%. The percent of students chronically absent at Branford High School is 14.4%. The average number of days absent due to illness or personal time for teachers in the school is 9.3.

There are 91 teachers at Branford High School, creating a ratio of 12:1, which is lower than the state average of 13:1. Students attend school for 181 days and a total of 941 hours of instruction per year.

In the class of 2014, sixty-four percent of graduates attended four-year colleges, fifteen percent enrolled in two-year colleges, six percent enrolled in other schools, ten percent directly entered the workforce, three percent entered the military, and two percent were undecided.

Branford High School is dedicated  to ensuring students are provided with a wide variety of educational and career opportunities in the larger community. Branford High School has partnerships with many other educational institutions including: UConn-Early College Experience (ECE) courses, University of New Haven-Early College courses, Gateway Community College- High School Partnership Program, Gateway Community College-Career Pathways Program, College Board-Advanced Placement Course Program, Southern CT-Language and Exposure Culture Programs at Yale University (Interdistrict), Porter and Chester Technical Career Institute Program for HS Students, ACES-Educational Center for the Arts. Additionally, both job shadowing and career internships opportunities are coordinated for interested students. One program in particular, the Senior Internship program, allows graduating seniors to participate in an internship of their choosing for the last month of school. Many seniors utilize this program as an opportunity to gain knowledge and experience in their field of interest.

Branford High School has a number of ongoing student recognition programs. Some of these programs are Honor roll for academic achievement, which includes an annual Honors Breakfast to recognize students that made the Honor roll. Additionally, there is also a CAPT breakfast held annually to honor those that scored well on the test. The Rotary Club of Branford awards students each month for their academic excellence and service to the community. Teachers help select students for this award based on three qualifications. At the end of each year there is an Achievement Awards night held at the school to salute students that have excelled in each of the academic departments. Perfect attendance and other special recognitions are also acknowledged. The Senior Scholarship Awards night is a special night held within the last month of school each year. Over 80 different scholarships, donated by numerous organizations, businesses, and families within the community, are awarded to members of the senior class for a variety of achievements, including academics, community service, and character, to name a few. This long-standing program has helped many students off-set the cost of college expenses, as the value of each scholarship ranges from $100-$5,000, with many scholarships awarding several recipients.



2013-2014 BHS Strategic School Profile

2013-2014 Strategic School Profile